Bidding Manager of Project


Bidding Manager of Project
Issued on: September 25, 2010
Position: Bidding Manager of Project
Number: 1
Working place: Beijing
Education: Bachelor’s degree or above
Profession: professional in bidding agency, procurement agency, etc.
Qualification: have more than three-year work experiences and hold relevant qualification certificates
1. Responsible for further communication with the clients and preparation of the bidding documents and contract texts;
2. Responsible for preliminary preparation of the bidding documents and the procurement contract, operation and execution of such as bidding business and procurement business and other detail works;
3. Responsible for building and maintenance of good relationship with the clients;
4. Responsible for development of bidding agency business and procurement agency business.
1. Online application via email: the candidates shall email their resume and the relevant documentations to the contact mailbox.
2. Documents required for online application:
(1) Resume
(2) Relevant documents (scanning copies) like educational certificate, degree certificate, working qualification, etc.
(3) Related honorary certificates (scanning copies)
(4) Identification card (scanning copy)
All the personal materials of the candidates are strictly confidential. The candidates shall be responsible for the actuality of the submitted data and in case of any untrueness during any recruitment link, qualification of the candidates concerned shall be cancelled.
Qualification examination:
All candidates shall go through qualification examination and take part in written test after review. Written test notification will be directly sent to the candidates.
Application period and contact mailbox:
Application period: September 25, 2010~October 10, 2010
Contact mailbox:

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