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[Key Enterprise]? China Aviation Energy & Emission Solutions

China Aviation Energy & Emission Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aviation Supplies Holding Conpany and the only company in civil aviation industry registered in NDRC Energy Service Company, and nominated as state-owned service entity of Energy conservation and Emission reduction. It is an integrated energy service company certified by ISO9001:2008. The company is dedicated to provide airlines, airports, air traffic control bureaus with comprehensive energy conservation solutions, including policy advisory, energy audits, planning, design, investment, implementation and operation of energy management contract.

Energy Management Contract

Since? inception CAEES,? has completed Xinjiang Korla terminal comprehensive energy saving project,? Air China Cargo office building comprehensive energy saving project, Hefei Xinqiao airport distributed photovoltaic power generation project, and with Xinjiang airport group cooperation in the 7 airport construction of photovoltaic power generation project in Kashi, Turpan, Hami, Korla, Akesu, Kuche, and Hetian.

Air China Cargo office buildingHVAC, Illuminating System

CAEES built a Distributed Solar PV System in the vacant area of Kuqa Airport.

CAEES built a Distributed Solar PV System in the vacant area and on the rooftops of Turpan Airportt.

CAEES built a Distributed Solar PV System in the vacant area of Kuqa Airport.

Investment based on cooperation-energy management contract, CAEES makes the investment assumes the risk, share the benefit of energy saving or return on investment with the project owner, and transfer the project assets to the project owner freely upon contract expiration.

Promoting the Application of New Technology in Energy Saving

A. High-tech Nano Energy-saving Lights
To be able to avoid the glare, intraocular afterglow and the airport spot.

B. Electric Green Taxiing System EGTS
EGTS is a new system to make the aircraft in the closed state of the engine under free exit and glide. With increased fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, reduce the foreign object damage aircraft and reduce the occupancy rate advantage trailer.

C. Sharklet
On the long flight, shark fin winglets can make the fuel efficiency of 4%, a range of 100 nautical miles (185 km), equivalent to annual per plane less carbon dioxide emissions of 1000 tons.

Energy Auditing

CAEESs active promotion of energy auditing has been recognized and received great supports from the Resource Conservation and Environment Protection Department of Beijing Development and Reforms Commission, the Science and Technology Department of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, and the Office of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction under CAAC. Since its establishment, CAEES has completed energy auditing for many airlines and companies in the civil aviation industry.

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