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Pooling of Aircraft Material

[Key Enterprise]China Aviation Supplies Corporation

Its predecessor China Aviation Supplies Corporation was founded on October 18th, 1980, upon the approval of the state Import & Export Regulatory Commission, and it was the first company established in China civil aviation industry specialized in the import and export of aviation supplies. In 1995, the full name of CASC was changed to China Aviation Supplies Imp. & Exp. Corporation. In September 2006, CASC was recorganized into a limited company. Business of CASC focuses on package purchase of critical equipment for retrofit and modification, engine support,? pooling of large Components, flight hour service, spares distribution and consignment, inventory optimization and disposal, consultation, translation and publication etc.

Package Purchase of Critical Equipment for Retrofit and Modification

For the past few years, CASC assisted CAAC in the implementation of various retrofitting projects for civil transportation aircraft, such as EGPWS, CDSS, PBN and now actively drive the modification of the new projects like SATCOM, HUD etc.

Engine Support Solutions

CASC Willis Engine leasing Company is the joint venture invested by CASC and Willis Leasing Finance Company dedicated to provide world class aircraft engine support solutions for airlines with combination of both parties strengths. It can provides engine support solutions including finance lease, operation lease, sale-leaseback, pooling, AOG support and customized service etc. The types of Engine supported include CFM56-5B, CFM56-5C, CFM56-7B, CFM LEAP, GE90, GEnx, CF6-80, CF34-3B, CF34-10E6, V2500, PW2000, and PW4000.

Pooling of Large Components (Landing Gear, Thrust Reverser, APU etc.)

Actively build the pooling of large components represented by landing gear, thrust reverser and APU, and provide integrated support service including lease, exchange, repair and AOG support on large components. CASC now owns A320 enhanceA330 growth, A330 enhance and B737NG landing gears, and also actively develops B777F and 300ER landing gear exchange projects in the whole industry.

Flight Hour Service

Introduced international service model and provide 7*24 flight hour service based on defined rotable parts coverage. Flight Hour Service ensures airlines the same and even improved service level with planned and stable expense over certain contract term instead of one time large investment for initial provisioning inventory in the beginning. The major aircraft type CASC support now includes B777-300ER, A320 and B737NG. CASC now owns huge spares inventory stored both in central pool and forwarded to airlines main base to provide spares exchange, repair management and complete logistics service for removed parts.

Distribution, Consignment and Logistics Service

CASC maintains long-term business with aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and engine manufactures like Pratt Whitney, etc to support their China distribution center with warehouse, logistics, and operation service. Based on these experiences, CASC also consolidates demands of customers to reduce cost by package purchase; actively seeking the cooperation on spares distribution and consignment with industry leading OEMs, improve service level and efficiency of spares parts by forwarded inventory to airlines main base for consignment with support of CASC nationwide local warehouse and logistics network. Today CASC has set up long-term cooperation with major airlines and MROs in China with holding inventory of spares parts used for line maintenance and repair of B737NG, A320, B777-300ER, IDG, APU, thrust reverser for distribution and consignment.

Inventory Optimization and Disposal

Provide customers with dynamic inventory management solutions including stock optimization and surplus disposal.

Engineering and Repair Capabilities Building

With the development of material platform program and new business progress, CASC is actively seeking the partnership to cooperatively integrate high qualified local MRO capabilities resources with repair facilities CASC owned now, enhance the building of engineering and repair capabilities.

Information Platform

Actively establish the information platform for the whole industry sharing, and develop AOG support and E-commerce portal based on the information platform building.

Consultation, Translation & Publication

Engage in translation, production, and publication of professional manuals of civil aviation industry including pilot manuals, cabin attendant manuals, and MRO manuals, etc, provide regulation consultation services on aviation technology and legal issues, and undertake special projects sponsored by CAAC. In 2013, CASC is certified by Ministry of Commerce as the only entity with the qualification to monitor the manufacturing of aircraft made by China for foreign aid purpose.

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