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China General Aviation Service Co., Ltd.

China General Aviation Service Co., Ltd.(GAS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aviation Supplies Holding Company. GAS is the only one large state-owned enterprise engaged in general aviation support services in present general aviation industry. Registered in Tianjin East Bonded Port Area, the company, with regional policy strength on aircraft leasing, achieves consolidation of aircraft material purchase, storage and management for general aviation industry, and provides tailored solutions for customers.

The major business of GAS includes sales, repair and lease of commercial aircraft, engines, aircraft materials and other civil aviation equipments, E-commerce portal development for commercial aircraft and aircraft material, technical consulting and services related to above business, domestic and international freight transport agent, warehousing, owned house rental, auto sales, exhibition and conference services, labor service, property management, wholesale and retail of auto parts, mechanical and electrical equipment, chemical products.

GAS is the vice chairman unit of China General Aviation Association and the director unit of aviation material and fuel Committee.

With the gradual opening up of Chinas low-altitude airspace, the demands in the aviation consumption market for the development of general aviation are ramping up very fast. CAS is actively expanding into businesses related to general aviation. While making great efforts to become Chinas largest service provider of general aviation supplies, CAS is employing its advantages to realize step by step the provision of integrated services, including examination and approval of aircraft, its procurement, customs clearance for importation, provision of aviation supplies, management of governmental relations, media publicity, aircraft maintenance, retrofit and modification, regional network, and logistic services, etc.

Since the 1980s, China Aviation Supplies Holding Company has started importing various small-to-medium size aircraft for Chinese civil aviation industry, including regional jets, business jets, general aviation aircraft, etc. and it has imported more than 500 such aircraft in total in the past years.

Procurement models include:

On November 11th, 2014, the opening day of Zhuhai International Air Show, GAS, Beijing General Aviation Co., Ltd. and Guorong (Tianjin ) International Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Under this agreement, three parties will jointly provide one-stop service for Chinese general aviation customers on aircraft purchases, aircraft leasing, aircraft mortgage disposal, import and export of aircraft material, and after-sales support, etc. Three parties intend to carry out comprehensive cooperation in aircraft manufacturing, aircraft sales, general aviation material service and aviation financing etc

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