Kapil Sharma Bowled Over By Lata Mangeshkar’s Tweet On Him

Kapil Sharma Bowled Over By Lata Mangeshkar's Tweet On Him

Recently Lata Manghasker tweeted about Kapil Sharma performance. When Kapil saw Lata j tweet he said; I was so amazed to see Lataji’s tweet.

I always wanted to be a good singer, but ended up being a humorist. I am so glad that Lataji saw my performance and appreciated it. What can be a greater than that? She is the god of singing.

A Conspiracy To Kill Roli In Sasural Simar Ka?
A Conspiracy To Kill Roli In Sasural Simar Ka

In Rashmi Sharma’s daily soap Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, we will see next that Roli is anxious about the person with an unknown personality who is trying to kill her.

Her tension is about the motive why somebody would like to kill her. In the next episode of the show we will observe that a shadow follows Roli in the house. When she tries to look behind and see, the shadow disappears.

She starting thinks that it would be a delusion but later a person comes behind her & tries to kill her. Scared, Roli shouts and tells the whole family about it.

Right away people from the house try to catch him, but fail in their effort to do so.

Then after that we will see Roli receives a blank call where she can only hear the breathing sounds from the other end. She frights and is want to know who is trying to follow her incessantly.

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